Conference Topics

  • Fission&Fusion Energy Technologies
  • Innovative ideas on fusion Energy
    Plasma confinement
    Sustainable nuclear fuel Technologies
    Recent improvements on fast-breeding reactors Radiation protection and shielding techniques Nuclear Hydrogen Production Technologies Advanced Fission Systems and Technologies
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Innovative technologies
    Solar collector and thermal power technologies
    PV cells and system technologies
    Wind power technology
    Biomass and biogas Technologies
    Geothermal Energy
    Wavy and tidal power
    Ambient energy utilization
    Power systems
    Energy harvesting systems
  • Carbondioxide reduction & low carbon technologies
  • Heat pumps and CHP systems
    Hydrogen generation and storage systems
    Fuel cells
    Waste and heat management
    Zero or low carbon technologies and systems
    Process optimization with carbon reduction in industry
    Energy and life cycle analysis
  • Energy & Environmental Issues
  • Solar heating and cooling for the building environment
    Low and zero energy houses and buildings
    Moisture control in buildings
    Advanced energy storage Technologies
    Integration of renewable energy system in building HVAC system and natural ventilation
    Distributed energy systems and building
    Energy saving and system operation optimization
  • Renewable energy management and environmental impact
  • Renewable energy policies and economics
    Carbon trading
    Sustainability impact assessments and tools
    Sustainable development criteria for use in environmental assessment
    Simulation, optimization and analysis tools and professional software
    Integrated approaches
    Energy control strategies and grid systems
  • Technology transfer, international cooperation and innovation